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Courses in Natural Health - From Aromatherapy to Reflexology

Friday, September 7, 2012
Ranging from aromatherapy to reflexology, courses in natural health are quickly growing in popularity as holistic and natural health treatments offer simple and noninvasive solutions to common health issues.

If you're one of the many individuals who have been repeatedly treated for headaches and other chronic problems by conventional medical doctors, you've probably been prescribed some form of pharmaceutical or invasive procedure. As most of us are aware, conventional drugs (and surgery) may have adverse side effects that affect our functionability. This is primarily one of the main reasons why more individuals are turning to courses in natural health to understand and apply natural and self-healing techniques that may be more effective, without the risk of side effects.

Some of the unique courses in natural health like aromatherapy offer successful candidates certification or diploma upon completion. Healing arts programs like this can be commonly taken through distance learning classes, or through holistic workshops and seminars. More frequently, however, aromatherapy is part of a greater massage therapy or natural healing curriculum. Typical aromatherapy courses in natural health include training in a variety of master blends, aromatherapy history and practice, essential oil/carrier oil profiles, flower essences, botanical therapies, holistic consulting, and more.

There are also courses in natural health that entail a greater range of holistic modalities. These natural health programs may encompass coursework in holistic nursing, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy, and herbal sciences. Though all of these studies differ in curriculum, they all share one common thread in that they are geared toward holistic and natural healing techniques and therapies. If you choose education in these courses in natural health, expect training to be rigorous. Furthermore, unlike shorter educational programs, these courses may take up to five* years to complete. (*Additional training hours may be required for specializations.)
Other courses in natural health like holistic healing, massage therapy, or reflexology can be completed in less than a year. In addition to field-specific applications, these programs provide instruction in anatomy, physiology, and pathology.


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